Drone site surveys for commercial premises and buildings provide a fast, and affordable way to get a 360° view of your property or site. We will monitor your commercial site using high-quality unmanned aerial imaging. We use drones to see what you can’t.

We use the latest technology with live view capability so we can get as close to see what you can’t.  So that you are not out of touch with on-site situations, we can provide a live feed, and by using our smaller drones, it helps reduce any of your safety concerns.

If you’re in need of a drone site survey, don’t hesitate to call on 07961 822336. We can provide the perfect solution for your problem, which is cost effective and extremely safe.

We also provide other drone services such as drone roof inspections, aerial filming and aerial photography.

Commercial development sites, construction and demolition are all areas where site surveys using drones can be applied to improve your business. Drones offer a cost effective way of getting high resolution images. They can also produce accurate 3D models for planning purposes. It’s also possible to use the drone footage as part of an advertising campaign, or promotional video for potential customers.

What are Drone Site Surveys

Commercial development site aerial surveys are an important part of the construction process. Drones make it possible to capture a bird’s eye view and get a better idea of what needs to be done in order for the project to progress. For many companies, this has become their new go-to method for surveying sites because drones can fly lower than helicopters and produce more accurate images.

  • Clear HDR Images
  • 4K HD Video
  • Roof and Building Surveys
created by dji camera

Fully approved by the CAA. Pilots are trained and licenced. A site survey will be carried out, along with risk assessment at each location. A copy of our Permission for Commercial Operation can be provided on request.

Here are just some of the service areas we cover:

  • Residential and Commercial Land
  • Construction
  • Historical Sites
  • Insurance

Drone site inspection videos

  • Video in high resolution 4k
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Ideal for Insurance claims
  • Live feed viewing

Call 07961 822336 for more information about how 360 Visual Media can help you and to request a quote!

Yes we have commercial drone insurance including public liability insurance with Hiscox to £5M which covers all of our Drone Services. Always ensure any drone operator you are working with as a business has full commercial drone insurance. The drone operator and the client hiring them both have responsibilities for safety before, during and after a flight. It is not advisable to hire an uninsured drone pilot for commercial work.

We are based in Buckingham and provide commercial drone services, aerial photography and aerial filming to businesses and individuals across the UK. We work at various locations in and around Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and the home counties.

PfCO stands for Permission for Commercial Operations and is a license which is issued in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 360 Visual Media is fully licensed as a CAA PfCO Drone Operator. In order to carry out commercial work, all UK drone operators have to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This involves our drone operators passing a comprehensive course with a flight and theory test as well as annual renewal to ensure their skills and knowledge is kept up to date. Anyone operating a drone for commercial purposes without a PfCO is breaking the law and risk sanctions as a result. As well as the drone operator, the client may also face issues with insurance and/or liabilities in the event an unlicensed drone/pilot is involved in an incident during a flight. We would always suggest anyone thinking of hiring a drone pilot to check that they have the correct PfCO qualifications and insurance in place before commencing any work.

360 Visual Media is a current qualified holder of a PfCO, UAS reference number 7752. A full list of the current CAA PfCO holders can be found here on the CAA website.

We use DJI drones – the market leader in professional and consumer based drone technology. Due to our work, we use lightweight and agile DJI drones including the Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom P4. These drones are ideal for aerial photography, drone videography and a range of site inspection work. We are regularly updating our equipment to ensure we use the latest and most useful drone technologies to meet the needs of our customers.

Yes we always carry backup equipment on commercial jobs. This is to mitigate the risks of an equipment failure or issue which could get in the way of us completing the work required.

Yes, we can fly the drone indoors subject to a risk assessment and contact with yourselves to plan the work. Indoor drone flights are not covered by the CAA as they do not represent regulated airspace. Nevertheless, drone safety is of paramount importance to us. We would work with you to consider the approach and requirements for any indoor drone photography or video footage. Indoor drone flights are sometimes used to inspect roof cavities, conduct ceiling inspections or to film indoor events. Once we were comfortable that the flight could be conducted safely we would be happy to provide a personalised quote and to carry out the work for you. If you have any questions about indoor drone flying then please contact us directly.

We assess each client requirement on a case by case business. It is normally possible to fly in most areas provided we can do that safely and within the law. Our CAA PfCO license allows us to fly 50m+ around any person, vehicle or structure in most circumstances (apart from large scale events for example). We can fly closer in the event we have control over the space and anyone in that area. A risk assessment, site survey and pre-flight check takes place for all the work we do to ensure safety. We will work with you to plan the flight to carry out the work you require.

We provide Aerial Photography, Drone Videography, Roof Inspections and Site Inspections as standard. These can be used for marketing and/or site inspection purposes. If you require additional services such as 3D Models, 2D Mapping, volumetrics or crop analysis then please get in touch.

Our standard PfCO licensed drone services start from £150. However, we can provide a full quote based on your requirements if you get in touch. We’ll discuss what you are looking for and the best way to achieve it before providing and personalised drone services proposal.

Fully approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Pilots are trained and licenced. A site survey and risk assessment is carried out at each location. A copy of our Permission for Commercial Operation can be provided on request.