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What are Matterport Virtual Tours?

A Matterport virtual tour is a 3D space capture software. It provides an immersive 3D twin of your real life space. Each Matterport tour allows the viewer to walkthrough any space with ease, as if they are actually there. Matterport tours behave are photographed differently than 360º Virtual Tours as it is a 3D space capture, which builds detail as it scans and captures the relative space, or room.  It use AI cortex technology.

Why do we offer Matterport Virtual Tours?

As a 360 Virtual Tour specialist we like to offer a choice of tours available to our prospective customers using different VR software. There isn’t a one type of virtual tour, that fits all. 360 Visual Media is an award winning virtual tour photographer who creates various types of virtual tours,  such as Google Street View virtual tours, and Bespoke/Branded tours. If you’d like to discuss the range we offer, or to find out more about Matterport Virtual Tours please feel free to call for a no obligation chat on 07961 822336.

A wide variety of spaces and places can benefit from a fully immersive virtual experience. Every viewer will have the capacity to navigate your location from a variety of viewpoints. They can do this from anywhere without having to travel.

Using a Matterport virtual tour to create 3D captures covers a range of industries. Real estate seems to be the most popular, but this software isn’t limited to one area. 

  • Estate Agents using  Matterport virtual tours provide Sales and Lettings with a new marketing addition. It allows a prospective buyer, or rental tenant a viewing without having to physically attend the property. 
  • Hospitality and Travel Industry, such as cruise ships, hotels, and airlines, are able to showcase what they have to offer in greater depth and detail, allowing holiday trips and stays to be snapped up faster than a competitor.
  • Retail, and small shop owners can supply the full layout of their premises.  
  • Engineering and construction, are able to benefit from a detailed scan of a  site. It can include precise measurements which are vital. 3D scan captures can document each step of your process. It’s fairly simple to carry out and is easily accessible to all parties.

It can increase online sales, bookings, and provide an affordable solution to many businesses and industries.

A Matterport scan can take from around 30 minutes up to several days. It depends on the square footage. As you can image scanning every 3-5ft in every room, can be very time consuming. It’s not a thing to rush either. Scanning requires patience, as there can be alignment issues. As a Matterport professional we know how to ensure that these issues are kept to a minimum. It’s knowing the software and having experience of using the Matterport software. 

A small shop would probably take 30-40 minutes. A comprehensive school is more likely to run into 1-2 days, with further final editing within the Matterport software. 

Matterport virtual tour specialist

A 3D scan is captured from different vantage points. Each image will be captured in high detail, to build a 3D mesh of your space.  Your images are  connected to the other providing a seamless,  unbroken view.

Information tags, videos, and images can be added to you 3D scan. These are carried out within the software space and on a computer. Each scan is edited and finalised before we upload to the cortex for it to be created into a 3d tour. Your completed scan can often be available for viewing within 24hrs.