Aerial photography is a niche field in the world of photography. With so many people having drones, it can be difficult for professional aerial photographers to compete with amateurs. However, there are five main benefits that come from hiring a professional drone photographer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional Aerial Photographer.

1) Professional drone photographers are trained in aerial photography. Amateur drone pilots may not have the same skill set or know how to shoot with the skill and precision that a professional has developed.

2) Drone photography can be expensive for amateurs who don’t own their drones outright – they need to pay for every flight time of the drone which can be costly.

3) Professional drone operators should be insured. This protects the drone operator and his equipment, as well as you. It is illegal for a drone operator to carry out a commercial flight without the relevant accreditation/approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, in the UK. Public Liability Insurance is also required.

4) Drone Safety is important to avoid damage to property or injury to the public. Professional drone pilots are trained in the safe handling of drones, and how to avoid contact with people or property. Drone accidents can leave you liable for damage, injury, and/or repair costs – even if it was an accident on your behalf. Professional aerial photographer’s insurance covers any liability that may arise from a drone crash.

5) Professional photographers will create high-quality images for your business. Drone photography is an art. A professional aerial photographer will take their time to create the best quality images possible for you. They are quite often professional commercial photographers in their own right.  They will be suitably experienced, to produce high-quality photographs or video footage. Why not hire a professional, qualified aerial photographer today!

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