Virtual tours are a great way to promote your school, college, or university. They can be used as powerful marketing tools and offer an immersive perspective that cannot be replicated in any other form. 360 virtual tours have been around for many years now but only recently have started to become popular with schools, colleges, and universities across the world due to their benefits.

If you are an education provider, then 360 virtual tours can be a very effective marketing tool. Schools, colleges, and universities have been using these types of tours to capture attention for a few years now. As the technology has improved over time, so has the quality of the virtual tour experience.

This blog post will outline a multitude of reasons why 360 virtual tours are beneficial for schools, colleges, and universities in today’s digital world!

Why your School, University or College should invest in a 360 Virtual Tour!

Firstly, 360 virtual tours are a highly engaging way to promote your school, college, or university. With a 360 virtual tour, you can show off your facilities, activities, and decor to prospective students. Showing potential pupils the layout of how everything is set up will help them envisage what their life would be like as they walk through these halls.

A school virtual tour provides intimate access to their facilities to prospective parents and students. Help your prospective students and parents make an informed choice with remote open days! Video interviews will add a personal touch to the school’s story through the words of staff and students.

Colleges and universities all need to show prospective students and parents their premises and facilities. A virtual tour can feature the key areas of the campus that students will be using, which helps them gain insight before stepping foot on site. It allows you to attract new students from afar. Your students/parents are able to check your facilities from ANYWHERE in the world.

Secondly, 360 virtual tours are an excellent way to promote yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram too! You could either upload the link that takes viewers straight into your 360 tours in one click right onto your profile page or even better- use hashtags for schools when uploading pictures with captions about new building developments or term dates starting soon which directs people back to your website where they can view all of this in detail.

They offer an immersive perspective of the facilities that cannot be replicated in any other form. – We use 3D views or 360-degree photography of campuses allowing visitors to walk through buildings. Parents and students alike can freely explore every corner before arriving at their intended destination making them more interactive and compelling than traditional images.

Thirdly, there are also benefits for school administrators like you who use 360 Virtual Tours within your online admissions strategy: Virtual showings will increase awareness, build confidence, and attract new applicants.

Virtual Reality has been proven to be helpful during pre-college visits as well as post-graduate follow-ups when students want to visit their old campuses but cannot due to CoVid restrictions.

How 360 Virtual Tours benefit Schools, Colleges, and Universities

360 Virtual Tours are a benefit for schools, colleges, and universities. They offer 360-degree views of the campus that can be shared with potential applicants to help them get a better feel for what it is like on campus. The tours also promote an open dialogue about how they will contribute to the mission of the institution by providing interactive visuals before someone even steps foot on campus. This helps prevent any misconceptions or misunderstandings from coming up which could result in high school graduates not attending college because they were expecting something different than what was actually offered once on campus! 

Why Universities should use 360 Virtual Tours to capture Parent’s and Student’s attention?

360Universities are constantly looking for new ways to diversify their marketing. 360 Virtual Tours offers a unique way of capturing the experience that makes attending university so special and different from high school.  360 Virtual tours allow students, parents, and administrators alike to explore an institution’s campus in three dimensions before they visit it in real life! Each virtual tour can allow individuals the opportunity to learn about courses offered at colleges as well as speak with current students or alumni who could provide insight into what college is like firsthand. In addition, 360 Virtual Tours creates a more personal connection between the prospective student and the institution by providing them with information on how certain universities help fulfill their values while others do not – this can be done through videos, photos, or informational text layers within the virtual tour.

Why are Schools, Colleges, and Universities moving to 360 Virtual Tours for Marketing?

Education marketing is a multi-million industry. 360 virtual tours are at the forefront of this new way to market schools, colleges, and universities because it allows prospective students an opportunity they have never had before — exploring campuses in three dimensions before visiting them in real life! When students can go up-close and personal with university facilities and programs through 3D tours, their education decision-making process becomes more informed as well as easier. In fact, one study found that 92% of people surveyed said they would be more likely to attend college if offered the chance to walk around its campus first.

There are also benefits for school administrators like you who use 360 Virtual Tours within your online admissions strategy:

Virtual showings will increase awareness, build confidence, and attract new applicants.

It’s clear that 360 Virtual Tours are an asset to schools, colleges, and universities – so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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