A drone inspection is a great way to make sure your roof and property are in good shape. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using drone technology for roof inspections. We’ll also cover why it is important you hire a qualified and insured drone pilot for any roof survey. This is written from our perspective as a company that is experienced in using drones for site surveys, inspections and marketing images.

There are 3 main benefits of using a drone to carry out a roof inspection vs. traditional methods:

1) Better coverage

A drone can see more than a human being; drones have the ability to provide you with an unobstructed view that humans simply cannot achieve. Drones fly at higher altitudes and are able to capture wider photos, which means they can cover more area in less time. A drone will be able to quickly view areas of your roof that are impossible for someone on the ground or even a ladder would be able to see. This is particularly true when dealing with large commercial buildings such as an office block or factory. A drone can give you a close-up and wide-angle view of the same property within a short period of time. The drone can be sent into hard to reach areas that may have difficult access such as the top of chimneys and roofs with steep inclines.

2) Safer

hiring a drone operator to inspect your roof is a quick and efficient way to get the job done. You won’t have to worry about having to wait for someone else to set up scaffolding or ladders. Using a drone in this way avoids someone having to do the time-consuming work at height with all that entails from a health and safety and time point of view. Drones are much safer than climbing a ladder or scaffold to inspect your roof. A drone can also fly over obstacles, such as cars or other obstructions on the ground that would prevent a person from getting close to your roof. This means you’ll have a better view of how well your roof is ageing and whether there are any potentially costly leaks or damage.

3) Safer

Asing a drone is much cheaper than hiring a scaffolder to inspect your roof. A drone operator does need to carry out a site survey to assess the building before a flight. However, they do not have the additional time constraints of someone who was hoping to inspect the roof with a ladder or scaffolding tower. The result is a drone roof inspection, which is a much more cost-effective solution than working at height. Roof inspections can be dangerous, and expensive if people are used to carry out the work. Drones can be flown with ease, removing many risks. This allows them to find problems that would otherwise seem difficult or impossible with the naked eye. We use smaller drones with cages, these enable us to access many areas, which a human may not. Drones also allow you to scan an entire property quickly and efficiently. Images or video footage can be seen either through a live view, or immediately after the drone has landed.

It is important to note that drones cannot replace traditional inspections completely, but they are a way to take an initial look to identify any initial problem areas. You can then follow up with an experienced roofer who can assess damage or issues in more detail and propose a solution. Or we can work in conjunction with a surveyor to supply the necessary information to them.

There is another point to make when considering who to hire to carry out a drone roof inspection. The drone operator should be experienced and fully insured for this type of work. Hiring an amateur could risk an incident that may endanger your building or people nearby. In the event of a problem, an uninsured drone operator may cause issues for you and your building insurance as well. You have a responsibility for safety at your premises as well as the drone operator so always ensure that you hire a professional.

360 Visual Media is a company that is experienced in drone roof surveys and aerial photography in general. We work at both residential and business premises to survey roofs. We have worked with the local council and many commercial clients to provide drone roof surveys and inspections for their building.

Our range of services means we can also provide property photography and 360 virtual tours in our role as a Google Trusted Photographer. One of the advantages of working with us is that we can provide a full package of services to inspect, document or market your property.

In summary, 360 Visual Media can provide a drone roof inspection service that is cost-effective and safe. Contact us on 07961 822336 for more details.

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